Fundraising has never been easy. Non-profits and charity organizations face many challenges to accomplish a world of good.

Major challenges that non-profits face are acquiring new donors, sustainability, talent retention, and growth opportunities.

Apart from all of these problems, one common problem that all nonprofits organizations face is adopting the new technology or third-party services used to raise recurring donations.

A technology, tool, or service is essential to the success of any fundraising idea for nonprofits. It has to be innovative yet simple to adopt by all supporters to boost fundraising.

After studying an extensive list of nonprofits and charities, ExtraDonation comes up with an idea for a highly innovative and simple fundraiser platform for nonprofits that requires no additional effort, except one-time integration which is super easy.

The ExtraDonation platform not only encourages nonprofit website visitors to donate but does not cost any extra money to donors. Moreover, it’s completely free for nonprofits/charities, forever.

What is ExtraDonation? An Idea to Boost Fundraising

ExtraDonation is a no cost platform made for nonprofits to raise the donation without donors actually paying for it.

The vision behind ExtraDonation is to provide a technology enabled solutions for fundraisers and donors to simplify the donation experience that is powered by online shopping.

It allows donors to shop from their favorite brands via ExtraDonation widget (an on-screen popup) that appears on nonprofits website. The widget features thousands of partner brands from across the globe to purchase online.

What is this ExtraDonation widget?

In essence, the widget simply replicates how Google Display ads work on websites. Once the fundraiser adds JS code, it creates a floating ‘Donate For Free’ button. When clicked, it shows rich user interface listing the top brands and the ability to search more stores.


A nonprofit organization doesn’t need to do anything further to collect donations. Everything is entirely managed by ExtraDonation.

How does nonprofits get donation?

In exchange for every successful order, the partner brand donates advertising fees to the fundraiser each time a user initiates purchasing through the widget.

Initially, the donation amount will be tracked as pending, and after 4-8 weeks, the brand will validate the transaction and pay out the donation amount via PayPal as per minimum payout setting.

All the donation and transaction will be tracked real time in dedicated fundraiser & donors dashboard.

ExtraDonation works along with other fundraising initiatives like collecting payment via cards or bank accounts.

In fact, with the ExtraDonation, it mainly enables those supporters who appreciate charity’s work, but unable to donate from their card/bank account. As they can now just shop online as usual and still donate. This helps increase the donation collection.

How ExtraDonation Works?

Let’s understand the process of ExtraDonation from registration to withdrawal of donation in 5 simple steps.


1. Account Setup

It takes hardly 2 minutes to get started with ExtraDonation.

Register your nonprofit at ExtraDonation.

Nonprofit organizations are asked to enter a name, nonprofit name, website, email and password.

After a successful registration & login, nonprofits can find the code to be place on the website.


There 3 options available to show the widget on website.

  1. Floating Icon (On screen floating button at bottom left)
  2. Button
  3. On preload page (Widget will appear on page load)

Charity organizations can choose the option that best suits their website and supporters.

The code must be pasted within the head tag. For assistance on integrating the widget or more information, contact ExtraDonation team.

Refer to this demo to see how the widget appears on nonprofit website.

In addition, there are options for customization, such as widget color, uploading fundraiser logos, widget content, etc., so that it complements the website’s style and design.

2. Spread Word About Free Donation

ExtraDonation is new and innovative concept. Therefore, the supporters need to be educated about it.

The question may rise with how to promote about this new way to raise donations?

Well, there is no new hack to promote it. Most of the people know how to shop online. Shopping process is same as in any other online store.

Fundraiser to use the tools, graphics & video content available in dashboard to promote among the supporters about innovative way to donate. Newsletter is another effective way to spread the words among the followers.


Bonus Tip:

Google Ad Grants Program gives nonprofits the chance to advertise on Google Ads at no cost to the nonprofit.

This program provides $10000 per month to nonprofits in their Google Ad spend to be used to promote their initiatives and missions.

To learn more about nonprofits marketing strategies, make sure to check out this article from WordStream.

3. Shopping as usual by Donor

Widget features many brands, donor may search the brand they wish to purchase online, enter their optional information along with personalized message and click on Shop Now & Donate button to visit the brand website. The further shopping process remains normal.


Here is the video explains the shopper AKA donor journey from the ExtraDonation widget.

There’s no registration or account signup required by donor when shopping online.If donors choose to enter the personal details before shopping, they can view the transaction in a separate dashboard.

Click Here to view the demo of Shopper AKA donor dashboard.

4. Fund raised by the Nonprofit

On a successful shopping, the brand pays advertising fees towards the donation to fundraiser/nonprofits.

Within 3 days from the shopping, the transaction is tracked and reflected in fundraiser dashboard.


Refer following links to view the demo fundraiser’s dashboard.

Use this username and password to view the demo panel.

User Name : [email protected]

Password : password

Click here to view the demo.

5. Donation Payment

All shopping transactions via widget are integrated on website, the transactions are tracked with ‘Pending’ status. The brands validate the transaction within 4 – 8 weeks and mark is as “Confirmed’ if shopper has not cancelled or returned the order.

It takes 4 – 8 weeks as many brands allow user to return the order for up to 4 – 8 weeks.

The ‘confirmed’ amount is available for the withdrawal.


All these donations are available in USD.

As per the fundraiser withdrawal setting they can withdraw the donation by Paypal once the threshold amount is reached.

The payments are processed every working day for eligible fundraisers.


How ExtraDonation Idea Helps Nonprofits in Fundraising?

ExtraDonation is free fundraising platform to help boost fundraising with transparency & robust technology. By providing a free fundraising platform ExtraDonation is contributing to nonprofits and powering up the good work for the world to become a better place to live a happy life.

Below are some core ExtraDonation benefits that demonstrate how it empowers nonprofits and makes them grow.

1. Automated Donation Management

Nonprofit don’t need to take care of donation process or brand association. The entire process is taken care by ExtraDonation with transparency. They just need to withdraw the funds available in a dashboard.

2. Recurring Donors

The idea of shopping with donation allows nonprofits to raise more donations from donors who have already donated before. The main reason for that is they don’t need to pay extra from the pocket or bank. Donors only need to pay for the purchased item.

Consider yourself as a donor, you would not mind shopping from the ExtraDonation widget if you are going to pay same amount on retailer website and also support for good cause. Right?

3. Personalized Donor’s Message

Donors can send personalized message to nonprofits every time they purchase. By doing so, it helps establish and maintain authentic relationships with a cause.

4. Donors Database

If donors choose to sign up before shopping, Nonprofits can view the details of donors in dashboard. They can export this data in a file and send donors thank you message for supporting cause. The list can really be helpful to aware donors about new initiative taken.

5. Tracking and Performance

Fundraiser dashboard shows the all-donation transaction data per purchase and donor details. Nonprofits can see how many donors are supporting their cause and likely to purchase from widget.

Donors can view all the donation they made in a separate dashboard. ExtraDonation works with an existing donation system like direct credit card or Paypal. It’s a complementary platform.

ExtraDonation supports every entity in helping for a good cause.

It is not a replacement for any other technology or platform nonprofits using but an additional way to raise free donations.Register


ExtraDonation works with mission to improve the fundraising by employing online shopping as a process to enable donations for free, thus improve the number of donors and donations for the nonprofit organizations from across the globe.

We welcome nonprofits and professionals working in community to come, join ExtraDonation and be part of this innovative yet simple fundraising platform to help more and more lives. Start raising funds for free.

For any query contact us at [email protected].

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