Marketers working for nonprofits are often challenged to increase results with little or no funding. Without funding, it is difficult to manage, raise awareness, and increase allocation in nonprofit marketing strategies while other organizations have plenty of resources to spread their message across the globe.


Realizing the fact, we launched – an innovative fundraising platform for nonprofits where donors don’t have to spend money out of their pockets to donate to your organization.

The ExtraDonation platform enables no-code integration on right your website, and all your supporters have to do is initiate the shopping process at their favorite shopping portal via your website.

For every successful referral order, you will raise free donation. The supporter pays no penny extra while making purchase.

This blog post is dedicated to enlist five free marketing strategies that helps nonprofit organization boost their fundraising initiatives via ExtraDonation platform.

1. Promote A Nonprofit Cause with in-built “Promotion Toolkit”

What is a promotion toolkit for nonprofits? Promotion toolkit is nothing but a bunch of presentational ideas or announcement designed into various graphical forms of posts in a simple and branded way.

Such toolkits are often utilized for posting on social media. Nonprofits and charities have increasingly relied on social media platforms to keep in touch with the supporters and also to seek the support for their causes.

Social media platforms are often used with care & emotion. There is a growing opportunity for nonprofits to reach billions of people in a meaningful way. The tools of social media have opened a whole new realm of possibilities for nonprofits.

Unfortunately, the time and budget limitations of nonprofit organizations limit what they can do to promote themselves. Nonprofits often need catchy social banners, posters, flyers, presentations, and guides to be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

To eliminate these challenges, use ExtraDonation toolkit and get more exposure. The main purpose of the toolkit section is to provide graphics that is ready-for marketing campaigns.


The promotion toolkit includes ready to use textual content, posters, flyers, presentations and how it works guides. Fundraisers may download and personalize the information by featuring their organization identity.

The textual content is customizable directly in the toolkit section under dashboard. The same applies to posters, flyers, which can be easily personalized with the logo of the organization and posted on promotional mediums.

Pro Tip:

In 2015, Facebook has announced a “Donate button” for nonprofits as call to action on pages and advertisements.

This button enables nonprofits to raise funds right on their Facebook page. To get this functionality, nonprofits have to sign up here for Facebook’s charitable giving tools.

2. Leverage Google Ads Grants to Promote Your Nonprofit Campaigns

Google Ads Grants is an excellent way for nonprofit marketing but many nonprofits mistakenly think that grant ads are paid advertising since they contain ads.

It’s not completely wrong but the fact is that google provides the free ads credits to the nonprofits to promote their good cause.

Basically google provides free $10000 per month to promote nonprofit’s fundraising activities on largest search engine, Google.


Nonprofits with ExtraDonation widget can take the benefits of google ads grant to spread word of shopping with donation concept which does not cost them any extra penny.

Display-ads or video-ads can really be effective for awareness campaign. Banners, posters in promotion toolkit can also be used (with appropriate re-sizing) for display advertising.

Start advertising for free with google ads grant and reach the maximum audience monthly.

To get effective results, refer this article from Public Communications Inc. where 5 tips are mentioned for maximizing your nonprofit’s google ad grant.

3. Never Miss Out on Festival Season

People do a lot of online shopping during festival season weather it’s Christmas or Diwali or Black Friday deals.

According to survey by LocalCircles 61% of people likely to spend for their online shopping during festival season.


A huge opportunity for nonprofits marketers to invite new and existing supporters and donors to initiate their shopping from your website widget and make purchase from any of their favorite shopping portal from among thousands of partners.

How can nonprofits encourage donors to shop from the widget and support their cause?

There are many ways as mentioned above, like promotion toolkit and google ads grant, but what may work great to promote festivals shopping, deals and offers is an email marketing.

Often online stores and brands send us a promotional mail and deals offer via emails.

Similarly, create infographics, banners and posters and how it works guide on how to shop via widget and donate for free. Send bulk mail to the supporters using this graphics/banners etc.

Crimtan has created a list of all biggest online shopping events across globe in this blog post. This list helps in scheduling when to send promotional mail.

For more tips on non-profit email marketing refer this article from campaign monitor. This guide will help in other email marketing campaigns as well.

4. Raise Awareness For Your Nonprofit with Word Of Mouth

Have you heard of Coca-Cola phone booth marketing campaign? Coca-Cola created a phone booth in Dubai for South Asian workers.

This phone booth accepts the Coca-Cola bottle caps instead of coins for a 3 minutes international calls.

Phone booth campaign helps Coca-Cola a lot to spread about their brand and new initiative help workers to connect with their family. This is a great example for word of mouth.

Word of Mouth is the most powerful marketing strategies for any nonprofits / and any business.


The power of word of mouth is not only effective in promoting the nonprofit’s cause but also beneficial to individuals seeking to spread the word as well.

Inviting friends, family, relatives to support a cause by shopping as-usual is a win-win for everyone.

Sending a thank you message who shopped via the widget on your website is a great way to connect with donors.

Download donors data from fundraiser’s dashboard and use it to send thank you message via email to create impactful deep relationship.


To learn more about word of mouth and grow your nonprofits check out this amazing article from Wild Apricot.

5. Video Marketing For Nonprofits

Words are not enough when it comes to deep engagement with audience.

People prefer video content over text, whether they’re consuming for fun, education, work, or even business.

When it comes to video for nonprofits, it is important to include stories about the people and the cause, and the vision of helping people, animals, or whomever the nonprofit is working for.

The emotions are very important, strong yet touching enough to evoke someone to support your good mission.

Here is a great video from Fairtrade Foundation that works to empower disadvantaged producers in developing countries by tackling injustice in conventional trade.

There are several reasons why video content is an effective marketing strategy for nonprofits:

  • Videos are well explanatory.
  • People consume videos more than textual content. Also, visual content has a good recall value.
  • Videos are interesting and educational in nature. It is a good factor to consider when it comes to aware people about nonprofit cause.
  • Videos have high engagement and it’s sharable too.
  • Video are personal and have high retention value.

Include donation by shopping guides in the video, emphasize on how ExtraDonation’s widget makes giving easy while shopping as-usual. And all this at no extra cost. It’s a win-win for them as well as nonprofit they’re supporting.

Check out this guide to creating a high-performing video for nonprofits.

Top 5 Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits [Summary]

  1. Social Media Promotion Toolkit
  2. Google Ads Grant (Free $10000 by Google)
  3. Target Festival Seasons
  4. Spread Awareness with Word of Mouth
  5. Engaging Video Marketing

Nonprofits should not be limited from marketing opportunities when they are low or limited with budget. Keep updated with free resources, trends, and apply marketing strategies.

Every small action adds value, may be immediately or takes time, but it surely does. Moreover, it’s a continue process. Start to notice how much you’re making a difference is just a matter of time!

ExtraDonation wishes you a great success for fundraising to achieve success with your mission!

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